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Matt Kindt joins Adam Witt to discuss… a little bit of everything! We get into a lot of MIND MGMT stuff: what’s in store for the next arc, where the story originated, how long it’s planned for, and more. We talk about Matt’s favorite writers and artists. Matt talks about his new graphic novel, RED HANDED: THE FINE ART OF STRANGE CRIMES, due in May from First Second. And it wouldn’t be an episode of Comics Will Break Your Heart without a bunch of diversions, would it? Listen for all of this and much more!


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Noah Van Sciver and Joseph Remnant are serializing their new graphic novels, Saint Cole and Cartoon Clouds, together on their new website The Expositor. They join Adam for a conversation about process, past projects like The Hypo and Harvey Pekar’s Cleveland, their influences from all mediums, and much more.

Joseph will be appearing at this year’s SPACE convention in Columbus, OH., on April 13th and 14th. http://www.backporchcomics.com/space.htm

They’ll both be at CAKE in Chicago, on June 15th and 16th. http://www.cakechicago.com/

Comics Will Break Your Heart is back. And with a bang, I’d say. I get to talk to Brandon Graham about a little bit of everything. Also, for the first time, it’s on iTunes. Presented by the lovely folks at Comic Impact. The stream is under the show notes, and the iTunes link is a little further down.



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At the download links, or the above stream, you’ll find our interview with David Hine. We cover a breadth of topics — his 30-year career in comics, his interest in U.S. pop culture and the world’s junk culture, some thoughts on influence in art and writing, and much more.




David’s blog.

Bulletproof Coffin on Amazon.

Strange Embrace on Amazon.

There will be updates very very very very soon—

Thanks for your patience, and thanks for listening. There will be more.


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On this episode (streaming above), we talk to Terry Gant, the owner of Third Coast Comics — one of Chicago’s most diverse and interesting shops. We talk about what brought Terry to the comics retail game, his background as a student, a professional — and any talk like this wouldn’t be complete without talking comics, right? There’s plenty of that here. Terry tells some of his best stories as a fan.

We also talk about movies, the guys behind the comics, and the sort of experiences you can only find as a friend of the brick-and-mortar comic book stores.

Some weird circumstances led to this being posted late — overshooting some things Terry wanted to promote that were coming up at the store. My apologies to Terry, and anyone who might’ve been interested in going. That being said, everything mentioned is the sort of thing that Terry does all the time — which speaks to a sliver of what makes Third Coast stand out among the many comic shops in Chicago.


Third Coast on the web:

Terry Gant on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/docmidnight

Harrison Rosenberg, young comic-maker extraordinaire: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.146724655386296.28518.100001462884550


Third Coast Comics is located at 6234 N. Broadway, in Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood — just off the Granville Red Line stop.


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Tom tells us about the forthcoming American Barbarian hardcover — if you’d like to order it from your local comic shop, give them Diamond order code DEC11 0771 — and tell them to order a copy for the shelf, while they’re at it!


In this episode, we chat with Tom Scioli. We cover much ground: from his work — all through Myth of 8 - Opus, Godland, and the currently-running American Barbarian, to his art training, background, and influences — specifically, of course, the presence of Jack Kirby in his art.

There’s a bit of crackling on Tom’s line that couldn’t be edited. Our most sincere apologies.

Tom Scioli on the web (all webcomic links will take you to page one):

Tom’s site - http://www.tomscioli.com
American Barbarian - http://www.ambarb.com/?p=11
Myth of 8 - Opus - http://www.tomscioli.com/unmortals/?p=12
Godland - http://tomscioli.com/godland/?p=3
the American Barbarian trailer - http://t.co/g8kWx98E

Click here for a file: http://www.mediafire.com/?e550xajd5w6tub0 (redirect link; my apologies for nothing direct.)

Streaming up top, you’ll find our interview with KC Green. We talk about his comics, like Gunshow and Horribleville, what shaped his sense of humor and his taste in comics, being ‘internet famous’, and much more, including a digression (par for the course, with the two episodes of this podcast) about travel.


KC Green on the web:




http://orgymania.net/getfucked/ (absolutely NSFW)



KC Green For Sale!

Shirts and books via TopatoCo: http://bit.ly/14tEy3


KC mentions this Johnny Ryan interview, and it’s just as great as he says: http://www.tcj.com/the-johnny-ryan-interview/


I have utterly dropped the ball on the essays. But, I swear to god, they’re coming. Just listen to the podcasts, for now. I’m pretty proud of them.

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On our first episode (which is streaming up top), we talk with acclaimed creator Paul Hornschemeier about his life and work in the comics industry. Also, somehow, there’s quite a bit of talk about movies.


Hornschemeier on the web:





Hornschemeier on Amazon:

Life with Mr. Dangerous - http://amzn.to/tPtksi

All and Sundry - http://amzn.to/tJTFsZ

Let Us Be Perfectly Clear - http://amzn.to/vBXEjH

The Three Paradoxes - http://amzn.to/snWu0K

Mother, Come Home - http://amzn.to/v6n6Yq

The Collected Sequential - http://amzn.to/uXYPYF

To find a comic shop in your area, visit http://comicshoplocator.com/ or call 1-888-COMIC-BOOK.


Later this week, I’ll be posting an essay about his work. It starts like this:

"When I started reading Paul Hornschemeier’s books, I hadn’t seen anything like them. I’d been reading comics for 14 years — the majority of the 17 I’d lived up to that point — and I stuck to superhero stories. Once in a while, I’d check out a Vertigo book, but that was only because I’d learned names like Warren Ellis and Grant Morrison from their mainstream work. Hornschemeier was a strange, bright, and new discovery in comics for me. A year or two after I ordered Mother, Come Home from the comic shop I worked at, I started reading the novels that would shape the way I thought about the world, and about literature: On the Road, Slaughterhouse-Five, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. The only common thread these stories carry, for me, beyond their mutual and incredible quality, is the fact that I got the same feeling reading all of them — a feeling that it’d be a waste of time trying to articulate. If a story has ever changed your life, you know what I’m talking about.

Paul Hornschemeier’s stories have the power to make you feel this again and again and again.”

If you’re here because of the mention on Loikamania…

Hold tight! The first episode will be posted on Friday.

And, furthermore: thank you.